Sundquist Homes LLC



When you’ve been building homes for nearly 40 years you learn a few things.

Things that matter, things that don’t. The details that make a difference versus the details that only add to the cost of a house. The importance of evolving for your future homeowners. That the best communities are designed from the ground up. How home plans should be designed to fit how people actually live. And that reputations matter.

We’ve been building our reputation in the Seattle area since 1974. And our legacy of excellence and integrity can be found in walls of the thousands of homes we’ve built. It can be felt in the dirt of the communities we’ve developed. It can be seen in awards we’ve been given and accolades we’ve received.

We want to welcome people home. To a place to call their own. A place where they can get away. Relax. Grow. A home designed for their life, the way they want to live it. At Sundquist, we do more than just build houses we build homes. Homes Designed for Better Living®.